On The Road to Finding Your Inside Style

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the interior styles in my previous blogs.

So, where to from here? Sometimes the first step is the hardest one. Do I have to pick one style? What if I like several styles? What about if I still don’t know which style I like?

Sometimes you’ve collected a, ’mish mash’, of items that might be tied together by colour, or you’ve had a few pieces of furniture that you just LOVE, but your house is contemporary, and those pieces AREN’T!


So, here’s an idea to get you started. First purchase some coloured sticky dots. Next, choose the room or space where you want to begin your new journey in. Take out every item that might be in the drawers, in or on a cabinet, on shelves etc and put them in the centre of the room. Using the coloured sticky dots, nominate a colour for things you want to keep, things you want to donate and things that could be stored elsewhere in the house. Do this with the furniture in the room as well.


Next, gather ideas of any décor styles that call to you online. You can go to online platforms like HOUZZ and Google and other places to look are home décor sites like Homes To Love TLC Interiors House Nerd The Painted Hive Katrina Chambers Design Three Birds Renovations Cherie Barber - Renovating For Profit You can also use home décor hashtags on Instagram or Pinterest e.g. #shabbychic Save as many things as you like no matter which style.


Once you are happy with the number of ideas you have saved, take a minute to look at them and you may see a pattern.

· Maybe you like neutrals, or you love colours.

· Perhaps you love textures, or you love rooms that have shelving for displaying photos.

· How about those 2 colours you seem to see in most of the ideas?

Make a note of these clues on a piece of white paper and those will hopefully point you in the direction towards finding your style!


Now, it’s time to name it and I know at the moment you only have a list of clues on a piece of paper.... But giving your style a name will give you direction, believe me, because it has taken me a while to work out mine!

Don’t be afraid to ask a couple of friends over for some wine and cheese to help you

with this! Plenty of laughter might reduce the stress for you. 😊 If you like, you can call yours, a DESIGN THEME. Here’s an example! What if you identify yours as Australiana Coastal Boho but your current black sofa DOES NOT match with that! Well maybe you could find a coffee table that could work and some throw cushions, or a piece of wall art, until you can afford to change your sofa.

Don’t forget, once you have worked out your style or theme, you will make less errors with what you buy in the future. Why don’t you start with a small corner in your living room, style it in your new theme? Keep it for a couple of months and if you still like it later then branch out! Good luck in your new journey creating your home in your OWN style!

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