Will Home Staging Ever Rule The World

12 October 2020

Imagine you sell your home for thousands more than you had ever dreamed you would. But the reality is you don't really know what to do. You've watched all of those reality shows and you think .....surely I can style my home, by myself! So you go to your local real estate agency and tell the professional, savvy looking agent that you are ready to sell your place. He tells you with an abundance of enthusiasm, that he can guarantee a sale for more than you thought! WINNER!!!! And here's the clincher....you just have to tidy your place for photos. It's better to get it on the market right now as there are thousands of buyers ready! Great! That's easy...... Except.... you DON'T sell and your place sits on the market for months without a bite! Then the agent says, let's drop the price and see who's interested?

Sound familiar? It happens all of the time. That's how one of my latest clients started her property selling journey. When I visited she was just a tad apprehensive. Her agent, Matt Stone from First National Moreton, had advised an appointment with his stylist.....ME!

After the consultation, she was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of jobs still to do. Even though she had decluttered and depersonalised prior to my visit (cos that's all she thought preparation for sale was), I gave her a bundle of new ideas to work on. After sending a few photos and questions, across a 2 week period, her place was ready for photos.

Will home staging using what you have, rule the world? You bet it will.......first open home came and went. In fact there was a HUGE response, 34 groups and 7 offers with one $ 25 000 over the asking price. Her response...."unbelievable. Thank you Helen you are gold."

With my hand on my heart, I KNOW this works! You can style your home with what you already have and sell for more....so call us and we'll show you how!

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