Using 2021 Bedroom Trends to Style for Sale

Okay, you have decided to sell, and you’ve done your research. But you don’t want to needlessly spend money on furnishings if you can’t use them again in your new place. The is possible to adapt trends that will still suit a wide buyer appeal. How you may ask??? Well, here’s some quilt cover ideas that can be in any bedroom really.

If you are anything like me and have used that white quilt look before but it realistically doesn’t suit kids or husbands who work! Plus there’s always handprints and marks that turn up every time you look at that perfect white quilt!!! Also how about that wonderful dog or cat you own who immediately takes up residence.....on your new white quilt!!!

So my go to for tips on styling is, as you know, TLC Interiors. He’s a lover of Lorraine Lea and I’m about to discuss his trend forecast.....but with a twist! I’ve added an alternative for each trend which is, NOT only suitable for styling when selling, BUT all of these alternatives are from Spotlight and Target AND under $100. How’s that for adapting when you are selling? PLUS, to all of you out there, not necessarily selling but want to be on trend too, these alternatives can give you an idea as well! Two for one so to!

Trend 1 is okay to use patterns when selling but it is preferable to use this look in the guest or other bedrooms. Keep the look a little more neutral by choosing a pattern with a healthy mix of neutral or crisp white. Teaming a botanical look mixed with white will create that coastal look that can match with oak, white or even dark furniture. That’s the way to make darker furniture on point!

Trend 2

Come on.....who doesn’t love pink! However as one of my savvy clients pointed out the other day, she didn’t want to have too much pink as that might put off a male buyer. A soft dusty pink will create a calm atmosphere. I’ve included a quilt cover idea with just hints of pink. When you sell and move into your new home you can add pink cushions and a throw.

Trend 3

Terracotta is now your friend! No it’s not that outdated Mediterranean colour, but a much warmer tone. I adore this colour and there’s no doubt this one will stay around for a while. Add some neutral tones in cushions and throws and that will tone down this colour when selling.

Trend 4

It’s a bit of a surprise but yellow looks like making a summer splash in 2021. The beauty about this colour is it can team with the soft pink or terracotta as well. Team yellow with white and you have a bright summer look.

Best of luck with your interpretation of my favourite interior designer’s trends. But get in quick with those quilts under $100. Most are on sale at the moment!

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