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Hi there……..home staging, interior styling for sale, whatever you call it, when it comes to styling a home for sale, I’m all about you!

Individual styling tips

What if I told you it was possible to style your home without hiring furniture? This is an added bonus, as hiring can be quite costly. It is definitely possible for your property to still look amazing with professional advice plus a little bit of your personality as well. After all that’s what makes a property still look like a home! I help you to keep that.

When I visit your home I can spend a fair bit of time there. Getting to know you during that time is important so that I can communicate with you better. I love interacting with my clients…….I love to talk…lol

I’ve had many an amusing discussion about letterboxes and annoying birds leaving their ‘calling cards’, as well as which is the best type of mulch or pot to put in the front garden. I love hearing clients’ sharing their stories about the origins of their landscaped front yards and the games that kids play with the neighbours in the cul-de-sac’s. My experience with kerb appeal presentation has been honed from many properties lived in across the Moreton Bay Region. After all experience with selling real homes is important!

Once inside your home, the tour around each room is very comprehensive. It involves discussion, hands on demonstrations and examples where possible of how to style for sale. Some people think that it’s not important to spend more money on presentation as buyers will see through that. However while I understand that budgets can be tight, it’s very important for the professional photographs to look exceptional online, otherwise buyers will swipe to the next property. You don’t want your property to be sitting on the market forever! Getting the look right is so important.

Advice on new décor

Sometimes you might have to update your soft furnishings like cushions, linen, adding plants and other décor to widen the age group of potential buyers. I’ll talk to you about keeping your new home in mind with these. You want to spend any money for the new place…right! I do try to use décor you do have too. There has been many a funny moment as a client and I have been searching around in cupboards looking for interesting pieces to use. Clients love looking at things that they’ve forgotten about and then using these in a vignette! This is where your personality can shine!

Before and After Occupied Styling Success

The property in the following professional photos is a great example of how the client used my advice to turn her home into a marketable success. She was able to use both my help on the day and ideas available following the consultation.

So what are you waiting for? Call me now to find out how you too can benefit, share some stories, have a laugh, but above all use my professional consultation to style your property for sale. Put your property ahead of the rest doing it your way!

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