How to Get More Eyes On Your Property

It's no secret that the front of your place is the first thing that people see when they drive on over to check out what you have to offer. Getting them to do that is the first really terrific step!! From the numbers on your shiny letterbox, the way you have positioned and looked after your landscaping, right through to your manicured lawn, first impressions count.

Presenting a home that is beautifully styled and showing how each space can be used is vitally important. If your house is still filled with photos, personal trinkets and excess furniture, then potential buyers can't see themselves living in your place. As the saying goes....more clutter less money.

It's super savvy to choose an agent who really understands the value of presentation and marketing to sell your property. Doing your research when making the correct choice in your real estate professional can literally mean thousands back into your pocket....that's an outcome we all want, right?

As Queenslanders we all love the great outdoors. Your outdoor space is going to attract attention and when presented to show how effectively it can be utilised, prospective buyers will fall in love with your property. If you can get them to do that then hopefully the next step is the offer!!!!

These are just a few tips on how to get noticed amongst the many properties being marketed online. I hope this has given you the confidence to get started on your property adventure. You can do this! But if you need help I would love to get you started with my FREE 30 minute phone consultation. I would be happy to give you more guidance it just takes a call.

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