Hone In On Your Interior Style

I’ve been into a lot of homes over the years. Some know exactly which interior design style they identify with, while most are either too busy or have a few in mind and they are still working on trying to meld them together. Budget stops a lot of people, as they can see what they like on the reality shows, but are limited by what they can afford.

I can personally identify with all of these and so I thought I would start a series on how to develop spaces in your home that are doable in this busy, crazy world we are all living in at the moment.

Where do you start?

First, let’s have a look at PART 1 of the most popular interior design styles in Australia.


An ethnic look embracing the cultures of Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa. The key is to present a mix of colours using throws, rugs, and tapestry. You can use a mix of old and new furniture, décor and colours to create a free-spirited atmosphere.


Aim for open and airy with lots of light. You can achieve this with white sheer curtains. It’s not nautical, necessarily, but the use of white walls, with the colours of blue, teal, taupe, grey and beige in cushions and bedding.

You can use jute rugs, light coloured wood like ash or whitewashed and linen fabric. Use white and soft natural shades for table lamps and light fixtures. The addition of indoor plants will bring nature inside.


This is not MODERN, but simply what is in style in the present moment. It is designed around the current trends and changes all of the time.


Country or Cottage, to some, has changed over time but remains a cozy and warm style influenced by American, English, French or Tuscan country styles. These all blend a love of rustic and organic. You can style with blue and white for that French country cottage look for example. Why not experiment with florals and checks and layer with linens. Collect a beautiful rustic kitchen table, to capture the heart of the home style.


Elegance and beauty mixed with country and rustic features are the key features of this style. The furniture is sturdy with floral, natural or toile upholstery. If you use the colours of butter-yellow, blue and lavender you can’t go wrong. Style your dark wood, tile or stone floor with cotton or wool rugs.


Reflecting a relaxed, casual Australian lifestyle but in a classical, sophisticated way, Hamptons interiors are bright with white walls, natural sunlight and timber floors. Kitchens look great with shaker style cabinets, and soft furnishings in complementary blues, with a colour palette of cream, white, ivory and sand.

The use of natural fibres such as linen, jute and rattan with landscape art, featuring the sea, compliment the Hamptons style.

More styles to come in my NEXT BLOG. In the meantime, you can start collecting ideas if you feel comfortable doing that. Click on this link, Pinterest Saving Ideas to find out how you can save those.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one style. If an idea calls to you, then save it. Looking forward to sharing the next few styles. Until then, happy searching!

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