Get Your Look Without The Price Tag

To be honest I do feel a little sad when my clients are excited about their places looking so amazing..................for their new buyer!!!! I mean don’t get me wrong I am really happy for them because they’ve learnt some skills that they can take to their new place, but it would have been nice for them to enjoy the ‘newness’ of their home. Which leads me to why I am writing to you all today!

Do you wish you could afford to reno the heck out of your place?? But have you got the pause button on that cos you either haven’t saved enough or you just don’t know where to start? Well, there are less costly ways of transforming your spaces to have a house that is gorgeous and the place you enjoy coming home to everyday!!!

Okay, so where do you start? Well, my hubby and I did a lot of these ideas I'm about to share with you in our first house. It was so dated! There were these ugly wood panels all over the place! Worse still there was stripy wallpaper and dowdy brown curtains which had such a dark and dingy effect!


The first thing we decided to do was paint! It was the most cost-effective way we could afford at the time, and we knew that putting lighter colour on the walls had the power to completely change our dated look. But you know in today’s reno world it isn’t just walls that you can paint.... there’s so much more that can be transformed with paint:

Kitchen cabinets

before and after painted kitchen cabinets

Check out this before and after transformation in a timber kitchen that was so much cheaper than completely gutting and replacing. Honestly if you can repaint benchtops, cabinets, and splashback tiles in a fresh colour, that’s gold in my opinion! It’s literally thousands more to completely renovate a new kitchen. (image - Edge Resurfacing)


I know, it’s unbelievable.... but baths, floor tiles and sinks can also be repainted to give you a brand-new look. I’ve seen the results myself, painted by my clients and professionals and they look literally amazing!! If you can't afford to make

it new, then why not use the old! (image - Edge Resurfacing)

Trims and Skirtings

The timber look around doors, windows and skirtings in some homes is a classic look and a personal decision by many to keep in its natural state. However, if you are looking for a new, clean look then you may be considering bright white trims and skirting boards. I will say that I have seen this done in many homes and the transformation is nothing short of dramatic with many regretting they hadn’t done it sooner. In the photo above is an example, but ultimately it is a personal choice that you need to make. (image - Pinterest)


Sometimes a simple change can be to change the knobs and handles on your doors and cabinets. In the photo above is an example that made one owner very happy with her kitchen!


Getting rid of outdated light fixtures can be a quick and easy way of updating your home, giving it a fresh look. You could start with your entryway lighting, dining room and bathroom lighting. You could also consider swapping your flush mount ceiling lights which builders use as they are much cheaper! Ha, they call them boob lights in the States for obvious reasons! Check out my infographic below with current flush and semi flush lights from Beacon Lighting.


You don't need to add ceiling to floor sheers to create that upmarket look at home. Why not try adding sheers on curtain rods and position them above the window frame to make the windows look bigger. SEE the slideshow on the left to view the changes in this bedroom.

It’s hard to believe these clever little ways can update a home, isn’t it? However, it does take time and it doesn’t have to happen all at once. But I want to assure you that all your effort, should you decide to do any of these is worth it in the long run. Even if you make a few of the changes then you've made a start. Best wishes on your reno journey!

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