4 Easy Ways to Use Plants as Live Décor

Indoor plants are such a craze right now! Personally, I love them, but I tend to stick to a couple of varieties (the peace lily for one, as they ever so conveniently tell me when they need water.......by drooping). Don’t get me wrong I would take better care of plants but unless there’s a water bowl that needs changing....lol!

Not that long ago I went to Bunnings and bought a couple of rubber plants. Don’t ask me what their scientific name is but...well.....the kind staff member told me there would be no way I could kill this kind of plant. Ha....they didn’t know I have a cat who loves licking my plants. It must be a soothing thing for him. Privately, I don’t even want to think there might be another reason! Anyway, I have to keep moving my real plants to different positions in the hope he will stop!

I see a lot of plant lovers on social media. They must have green thumbs cos’ mine is black but I do try! I have experimented with quite a few indoor plants and I reckon the ‘toughest mudders’, have got to be the Peace Lily, Calathia, Zanzibar Gem and the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. Gotta laugh when you think of that last one. Sharp and spindly as......

But I digress! I wanted to share with you the super value of having real plants inside. Of course, I get asked all the time if fake plants will do. Certainly, they are looking better and better and if you are prepared to spend that little bit more, you can get yourself something that looks pretty close to the real thing. I have a licking cat problem, so I put the fake ones where he travels around the house. But if you don’t have a weird pet problem, then buying real ones give so many more health benefits.

Walking around properties during my home consultations, I will always advise that bringing greenery inside creates a warm and homelike atmosphere. I once had these clever clients who went and bought a variety of interesting pots and then potted smaller versions of real plants to place around their property for sale. This was a really great idea because they were able take them to their new place.

Here are a few ideas for where to put your real or fake plants:

· On the top of a bookshelf to soften the look

· As a statement piece – large, tall plants in an amazing decorative pot in a corner of a room or the entryway

· On a side or coffee table for striking colour

· After winter, on a mantlepiece to add interest or a focal point

Either way, bringing your garden, indoors, helps to filter and clean the air in your home. All the nasty chemicals from carpets and building materials breaking down and entering our air, can be reduced by having real plants inside. My next challenge is to style an A frame bookshelf with plants. I hope my darling cat, Czar, keeps licking my fake plants!!!!

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